Koolair is a locally owned heater repair company that is available 7 days a week.  We are licensed to perform heater repair work for boilers and furnaces within the state of New Jersey including Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!  See for yourself on our Reviews page.

Our prices beat the competition every time!

Koolair, a company that will save you money and outperform any heater repair company in every way!

We go Above and Beyond matching any estimate you give us.  We do more than match it, we reduce it by 15 percent!

Contact us today for a no cost, no obligation estimate on your next heater repair or project. Phone or Text: 856-829-1976.


What is a Service Fee?

Usually contractors charge to come out and troubleshoot for a fee.  A service fee can be up to $80-$125 just to show up!  It usually would include 30 minutes of troubleshooting.  After diagnosing the problem you would be given a repair estimate. If you decide its too high or want a second opinion you would still have to pay the service fee.

No Service Fee, we do not charge just to come out. We have pricing on most heater repairs on our website. One Year parts and labor on any heater repair.  Call or Text with any questions or concerns 856 829-1976 Thank You!